Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • When are we allowed to enter the area?

As from Friday evening 18:00 you are allowed on the area to put up your tent.


  • Where are we allowed to put up the tent?

There is a large grass field at the back of the area. The tents can be put up there within the indicated sections. These sections will be assigned to the teams upon their arrival.


  • What time do the first matches start?

The matches start at 9:00 pm on Saturday and Sunday.


  • How many matches do we play?

The intention is to let every senior team play at least 5 matches. De junior teams will play at least 3 matches.


  • Are the junior teams allowed to stay overnight?

When the players are under 16, they are not allowed to stay overnight. When the players are under 18 they are allowed to stay overnight, but with supervision.


  • Is there power available?

There is no power available, but there is a charging point where mobile phones can be charged.


  • Is there catering available?

During the day there will be several spots where you can eat and drink. This year the organization has come up with something new. Because we expect everybody to be hungry Saturday night after playing a couple of matches, there will be several foodbooths available where you can buy all sorts of food. Cards for food can be bought on this day and cost €10,- apiece (sold out = sold out).