Competition Regulations

  • The matches start on Saturday at 9:00 AM and on Sunday at 9:00 AM.
  • The matches will be played according to water polo (game)rules of the KNZB.
  • Participating teams need to hand in a team statement before the first match, with the player’s names and start numbers on it.
  • The ranking is based on consecutively obtained points, goal differences, scored goals and mutual results.
  • When a (cross) finale ends in a tie after regular game time, the match will be decided by a penalty series in the diving pit. Both teams take turns in penalty throws. This is repeated until there is a winner.
  • To ensure that all matches start in time, both the teams and the referees need to be present at least 10 minutes before the start of the game.
  • It is intended for all matches to start punctually. Teams that are late or do not show up, lose the match by 5-0.
  • Given the full competition schedule, there is a limited amount of time for a warming up before every match.
  • In case a team withdraws during the competition, or gets excluded from participating by the organization, all results (including those of any previous played matches) will be set at 5-0 in favour of the opponents.
  • Protests in response to competition results will not be taken into consideration.
  • The replacement (UMV)/ or replacement after 4 minutes (UMV-4) exclusion of a player, has the effect that sanctions will be imposed against this player. The referee decides on this, after consultation with the referee(s) of the competition. A player who has received a UMV or UMV-4 must leave the game field in the remaining match time.
  • It is forbidden to consume a lot of alcohol when your team still needs to play matches. The tournament organization is allowed to attach consequences in case of too much alcohol intake during matches.
  • The tournament organization has the right, in case necessary, to make a change to the competition schedule. By (threatening) storm the matches will be discontinued by the competition organizers in consultation with the chief referee as long as necessary.
  • Each team provides their own caps, the first-mentioned team plays with a white cap. Double cap numbers are not permitted.
  • On all play fields the matches will be started and ended simultaneously by means of a central given signal, ditto for the last minute signal.
  • In cases in which the competition regulations does not provide an answer, the chief referee decides.
  • Times:
    The matches last 2x 9 minutes gross, with a one minute break.
  • A normal exclusion lasts 30 seconds gross, starting when the match resumes. There is no fixed attack time. It is up to the referees to decide whether a long attack is a form of game spoilage, in which case it shall be punished by a free ball for the opponent.